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Ex Environmental is your go to supplier
Enforcer® CAFS and FireAde® equipment.


Enforcer® powered by FireAde® 2000

When powered together, EnforcerOne and FireAde® 2000 create a new benchmark in the industry. "Don't fight fires ... extinguish them"

  • Enforcer® CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems) are effective, affordable, portable and easy to use.

  • Enforcer® CAF systems utilize high energy compressed air to provide unparalleled fire knockdown, extinguishment, and vapor suppression.

  • EnforcerOne is committed to saving lives and property by manufacturing quality and cost effective, portable Compressed Air Foam Systems.

EnforcerOne only recommends FireAde® 2000 products for use in their CAF systems because of the product characteristics including:

  • True Class A & B classification approval.

  • Environmentally formulated with 98% organic compounds.

  • FireAde® 2000 will not clog, gum, or corrode foam system and equipment.

Ex Environmental Inc. is a dealer, trainer, and active end-user of Enforcer and FireAde® products.

Contact us today at 800-485-9109 or Make Ex Environmental Inc. your preferred dealer.

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