Grains, liquids, or materials stored in silos may be part of your manufacturing process. Let us help you promote silo safety!

Consider these opportunities for you and Ex Environmental to make a difference when it comes to unnecessary industry tragedies:

  • Silo / Grain Bin Safety

  • Confined Space Training

  • High Rope Rescue Training for your fire and rescue departments

  • Employee Safety

  • OSHA / HAZMAT Training

  • Silo Rescue Training for your fire and rescue departments

Why Ex Environmental?

  • Hands-on learning for real life situations.

  • Elite trained instructor experience to train your local rescue departments.

  • Based out of Hudson, Wisconsin; training on-site nationwide.

  • When it comes to safety awareness for your employees and local rescue staff, why wouldn’t you
    call Ex Environmental?


Contact Ex Environmental today to discuss a program that allows you to step up and make a safety difference in your business and community: 800-485-9109 or