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Enforcer™ 3 Super Duty
is a small, portable, easy to use 3 gallon CAFS sytem.
Enforcer™ 3 Super Duty Back Pack
is a wearable system that contains 3 gallons of foam solution.
Enforcer™ 10
is an unique small CAFS system that contains 10 gallons of foam solution.
Enforcer™ 30
is an extremely versatile 30 gallon portable firefighting system that utilizes high energy compressed air foam technology.
Enforcer™ 60
is a large, powerful, easy to use wheeled 60 CAFS system.

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Enforcer™ 60 Trailer Mount
is a large, powerful, trailer mountable 60 CAFS system.
Enforcer™ 200
is a stationary or portable CAFS system that contains 200 gallons of foam solution.
Mini Enforcer™ FireAde2000
is a 16 oz. environmentally friendly, powerful Personal Fire Suppression System with UL approved FireAde 2000.

Ex Environmental Inc. is proud to be a dealer, trainer, and active end-user of Enforcer and FireAde® products. Make Ex Environmental Inc. your preferred dealer. Contact us today at 800-485-9109 or

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